Tuesday, September 11, 2012

You Capture - Windows

I had a hard time with the prompt for Windows this week.
El Paso is not the easiest place to find good architecture.
And I wanted something with character because I love old windows and doors. 

But I did not find any that really jumped out at me, so I went through my archives and found this one.  

I took this picture when my family went to Cloudcroft last winter. 
I adore the stained glass. So pretty!

Since I cannot hang pictures in the cinder block walls of my army house, I thought this window framed my copy of the Declaration of Independence very well.
I like how it looks with the monochromatic colors.

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  1. The stained glass window is very pretty! Great captures.

  2. I love the Cloudcroft window. (My husband and I lived there in a cabin called Ponderosa when he was stationed at Holloman in 1968. It's a beautiful place.)

  3. The stained glass window is just beautiful. Great clarity & colors!