Friday, September 20, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things

It's a beautiful, rainy afternoon here in East Texas.
Some of you might not thing that's beautiful,
but when you've been in a  drought all summer,
a little rain is a wonderful thing.

I honor of the much needed rain,
I want to share a few of my other favorite things.

Flowers that bloom in the fall.

Late afternoon sunlight though Old Glory. 

Baseball.  I really want one of these lights for my house.

A refreshing blueberry mojito. 

My favorite is the red.
That's why there aren't any here.

A message from my son in the morning.

Fall decorations.
Or anything at all to do with Autumn.

A freshly made bed.

I think I'll go crawl into it with a good book and listen to the rain.

Happy weekend!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

SHS 9/15

Life is full.
School is in full swing for the kids.
Husband is working again full time.
I have started volunteering at the local library.

Time's are pretty good.

Enjoy this week's Scavenger Hunt.


 I had to adjust this one.
Living in the country means no coffee chains.
So, no pumpkin drinks for me.

Read a Book

 My daughter's favorite past time in the whole world.
At any given time, you can find her in this position.

Eat Something Sweet

 Ahhh, these take me back to childhood.
My favorite Fall/Halloween candy.


 Our sweet Peaches.
She doesn't look too happy, huh?
I think she just tolerated the kids.


 I played around with my camera settings to get this one.
I think it looks pretty artsy.

Have a wonderful week, friends!

 Next Weeks assignment:
  1. Something You Wore
  2. Reflection
  3. Inside Your Fridge
  4. Daily Routine
  5. Morning

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 9/8/13

I do so love photography.

I have missed doing the Scavenger Hunt assignments
while I was taking a break from blogging.

But, not I am back and ready to show off my pictures again.

I hope you enjoy!

Labor Day

 This is what I did on Labor Day.
Got my fall vegetables planted.
Look at them now!

Phone Call

 My old school phone.
I will keep it as long as I possible can before switching to the "smart" phone.


 Vitamin E. Good for hair and nails.
Pretty, too.

Close Up

 An avocado, up close.
Who knew?

White Space

 I admite. I had to look this one up.
What white space means in photography.
I found the perfect picture that I had taken earlier in the week
without thinking of the assignments.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Next weeks assignment:

Enjoy a Pumpkin Drink
Read a Book
Bake Something Sweet (or just eat something sweet)
Get Artsy

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back In The Swing of Things

It's been a crazy, hectic summer.

I've been away from my blog, trying to figure out how to navigate this new life.
And still be a mom, clean the house, get involved in a new church, etc.

I think we may now have it figured.
Husband finally found a job after 7 intense months of searching.
(that's a whole other story)
Kids are back to school and loving it.
And I am settling into my new home, church, and life.

Sometimes, while you are going through the tough times,
it is hard to trust that God has a plan and that He knows what He is doing.
But, I am learning, and I am trusting.
He has placed some pretty great people in my life and I have
a lot of encouragers from my old one.
Good is good.
In the good and the bad and the scary.

Since I have been gone so long, there are quite a few moments
in pictures to catch up on.
I have condensed them down to a handful.


 Sharing snowcones, waltzing boys,
birthday boy, making lemonaide signs, crashed tree, brand new nephew.

Bandits, bounce house fun, heroes, new dog, trip to Six Flags

3 generations, bowties are cool, silly string war, boyfriend, back to school

Oh, my herb porch is finally finished.
And it is gorgeous!

Time for a new project.

A very small broom closet for my kitchen.
This one shouldn't take too long.

See you soon, friends!