Sunday, September 15, 2013

SHS 9/15

Life is full.
School is in full swing for the kids.
Husband is working again full time.
I have started volunteering at the local library.

Time's are pretty good.

Enjoy this week's Scavenger Hunt.


 I had to adjust this one.
Living in the country means no coffee chains.
So, no pumpkin drinks for me.

Read a Book

 My daughter's favorite past time in the whole world.
At any given time, you can find her in this position.

Eat Something Sweet

 Ahhh, these take me back to childhood.
My favorite Fall/Halloween candy.


 Our sweet Peaches.
She doesn't look too happy, huh?
I think she just tolerated the kids.


 I played around with my camera settings to get this one.
I think it looks pretty artsy.

Have a wonderful week, friends!

 Next Weeks assignment:
  1. Something You Wore
  2. Reflection
  3. Inside Your Fridge
  4. Daily Routine
  5. Morning


  1. That candy corn looks so good! I need to go buy some.

  2. That is an interesting pumpkin! So neat your daughter loves to read; always can enhance our learning ability in a good book. I think volunteering at a library is a fun thing to do; I always thought it would be neat to stack books back on the shelves.

    I like the picture of the sun through the tree branches; nicely done.


  3. Oh, and by the appears that most of us took pictures of pumpkins or drinks rather than a pumpkin drink. So you were right in line with everyone else! Love the fun sparkly pumpkin.

  4. Great interpretations. Love that sparkly pumpkin!

  5. Your set this week screams fall and I love it!

  6. Sorry to be late getting around to commenting. Busy Week.
    Very nice set. My favorite shot was the one of your daughter reading. - I also liked the Candy Corn (a favorite candy of mine) and the Artsy shot with the sun flare.