Sunday, September 8, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 9/8/13

I do so love photography.

I have missed doing the Scavenger Hunt assignments
while I was taking a break from blogging.

But, not I am back and ready to show off my pictures again.

I hope you enjoy!

Labor Day

 This is what I did on Labor Day.
Got my fall vegetables planted.
Look at them now!

Phone Call

 My old school phone.
I will keep it as long as I possible can before switching to the "smart" phone.


 Vitamin E. Good for hair and nails.
Pretty, too.

Close Up

 An avocado, up close.
Who knew?

White Space

 I admite. I had to look this one up.
What white space means in photography.
I found the perfect picture that I had taken earlier in the week
without thinking of the assignments.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Next weeks assignment:

Enjoy a Pumpkin Drink
Read a Book
Bake Something Sweet (or just eat something sweet)
Get Artsy


  1. look at all that purple in the avocado. I never would have thought. I didn't do white space quite correctly but I was just too busy this week to get to it.

  2. Very nice White Space image. Have a blessed Sundah.

  3. The rose is beautiful...and the avacado up close is pretty cool!!

  4. Lovely rose. I also liked your labor day photos.

  5. So glad you came back. Beautiful white space.

  6. I wouldn't know what white space would mean either for photography, but great picture of it! I'm with you about the old school phone; I'm holding on to mine as long as I can, I do not need a phone smarter than me :)

    glad you were able to get back to something you enjoy doing with the scavenger hunt :)


  7. I managed to go even more "old school" than your phone...I managed to find a pay phone. I actually had to explain to my kids what one was when I went out to find one!

    Nice set. Love the avocado and pills shots.

  8. Good to see you back again. - Sometimes breaks are needed though.

    Great set. - Fall veggies are looking good. Do you get freezes there?
    I agree about keeping my old phone. Those "smart phones" just seem to consume people's attention.
    The Avocado looks so weird up close.
    Loved the pill shot, the Gel capsules look really cool.