Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vacation Fun

Usually on summer vacation, the kids and I head out for a road trip. We've been to all the contiguous 48 states, seen may of the national parks, and loads and loads of sights. This summer, we decided that it would be too much money for an extensive road trip (gas prices, anyone?). Jerry usually never gets to go with us on our trips, so we decided to just do family this year. I am fine with that. No really, I am. But next summer, watch out cause  I'll be back on the road again! I'm thinking Niagra Falls...

However, until then, I am content with central Texas.

We visited with Great-grandmother at her house on the lake and the boys went exploring.
All those weeds used to be under water. Cedar Creek Lake is about 8 feet low this summer. It made for some fun adventures for the boys and some cool pictures. But rain is desperately needed for the area right now.

 Then Grandmother arrived and after the kids attacked her with hugs and kisses, I made them sit still long enough for a picture.

Cute, aren't they?

Jerry, Grandmother, and Trina went on the 22 mile kayak race Saturday. Trina gave up about 1/2 way through and Grandmother wouldn't leave her, so she also didn't finish. Jerry finally finished after about 8 house on the river. Better them than me I say. Certainly not in 100 degree Texas heat!

The kids were wore out that night and Jamie didn't make it through movie night.

 He fell asleep on Grandmother. I know she hated the hardship, too  :)
Aren't grandmothers great?

Up next, Jerry and I had some time alone together and guess what we did?

Took in a Rangers game, of course!

I couldn't visit Texas without going to see my boys!

 And here's my current favorite, Josh Hamilton, swinging away!
 Go, Josh, go!

 Congratulations, Michael, on your 2,000th hit!

 And they won. WooHoo!!

I absolutely LOVE these lights. I want them right outside my front door.

I'll settle for season tickets to the Rangers. Get on it, Jerry!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Project House

We went "home" this summer to visit family. Just like every summer, it seems. Someday, we will go on a real vacation. Paris, I will visit one day...

But for now, we have lots to do there. My parents gave us their land and house this summer, so Jerry and I decided that it will need to be expanded before we move in. So, while we are in the Army, we are having my dad build onto the house until we get there and can pitch in more.

So, we decided to take these two weeks to help out with the building. Didn't get a lot done on the actual building since it was too hot to even move (100 + degrees everyday).  But we did find an old abandoned house that the owner said we could take apart and use whatever we wanted from it.

Kinds scary lookin', huh?
It leans so much that walking around inside was quite the adventure. Jerry practically forbade me from entering from fear that is was going to collapse at any minute.
Since I was properly put into my "womanly" place, I decided to document the guys working instead of doing actual physical labor.  A shame, I know! 

They decided that the windows and siding needed to come off before working on the inside. It has wonderful wooden floors that I will be installing into my new home. I cannot wait! But first things first...


 I love a hard workin' man!


We did have some fun on the vacation. I will be posting about that soon!