Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Perfect" Mom?

I read this article today and it rocked me.

Dear sweet mom who feels like she is failing...

I am in constant fear of failing my kids.
Of sending them off into the big, wide world unprepared.

Maybe they will never understand God's love for them...maybe they will have bad memories of home life...what if I am not teaching them to be independent...what if they want to move very far from me when they are grown...

These are some of the "what ifs" and "maybe that's"  that can plague a mom.
I know they certainly plague me.

I want to be a good mom.
I want to spend time with my kids and teach them they are valuable and beautiful and capable.
I want to remember these days with fondness instead of exhaustion.

This article reminded me to slow down, to lighten up,
to stop trying to be the "perfect" mom and just be their mom.

I want to enjoy playing with them

And baking with them

I want to do more projects with them

I want to let them be kids

And, of course, enjoy the quiet times

I will never be the perfect mom, so I will work at being a good mom.

I am sure I will fail at times, but I will continue to press on.
I will continue to try.

They deserve it.
So do I.


  1. I was talking to Lizzy my 18 year old recently about sin and right verses wrong. She said I wouldn't understand because I am perfect and never sin. Wow, no pressure there. It reminded me that showing my faults as a Mom and person is just a valuable as showing them my strengths and triumphs.

  2. They do have a way of making us feel inadequate, don't they? My current struggle is remembering to say I'm sorry when I wrong them. One day at a time. :)