Sunday, September 9, 2012

SHS 9/9


 I absolutely adore these vintage Pyrex bowls. I have spent the last year scouring thrift stores to find them. Since my kitchen is done in turquoise and yellow, they fit in perfectly.

Starts with the letter...

 P for pink. Or G for gorgeous. Or V for vibrant.
My morning glories are still blooming.
I love them so much!  They make me happy.

Upside Down

 I was walking around trying to find something for this prompt.
Jamie said, "Hey, Mom! I can be upside down for you."
Sure, Jamie. Of course you can.


 This is how Josh wants his hair fixed every morning for school.
I believe I have a punk rocker on my hands.


 I made myself a pumpkin pie frozen cappuccino this week.
With wonderfully soft whipped cream.
It was divine.
I believe I will make myself another one now.

Join Ashley over at  Scavenger Hunt Sunday  to link up and share your photos.

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  1. He is so adorable hanging upside down! Love the look of that soft treat!

  2. I think I recognize those pyrex bowls....I had completely forgotten about them until seeing your photo. Fantastic find!

  3. Love the vintage Pyrex bowls. I must have received 4 different sets when I got married in 1974 . . . not turquoise and white but still loved them. They are all long gone now.

    That fancy pumpkin pie drink looks very yummy. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Love the colors of the bowls! I've been really into aqua and white too!

  5. My mom had vintage Pyrex bowl, unfortunately they were not pretty turquoise, they are brown and yellow. I like yours better.

    So nice that you have willing photo subjects!

  6. I love that vintage Pyrex, too...great shots!

  7. I have a huge collection of vintage Pyrex and Fire King. :)

    Love that sweet upside down shot!

  8. I remember those bowls! They certainly are making a comeback!

  9. Oh, I would have loved to find those bowls! Nice hunt. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  10. Great set.
    Love your Monochromatic shot of those awesome Turquoise Bowls.
    Upside Down - He looks so happy and goofy.
    Soft - Yum, that looks so good.

  11. What a lovely set! I really love your first shot!

  12. my kids are eating popcorn out of my mommas old vintage pyrex bowls! we only have two out of the four left... I plan to find all 4 one day... and then some! so guess which picture I liked best!! lol! =) and that last one... oh my! hazelnut though... please! ha ha! =)