Monday, September 10, 2012

Into the wild

Jerry took the boys camping last weekend at Franklin Mountain State Park.
I told him he had to take my camera along to document the fun.
But, with the threat of dismemberment if he broke it or lost it.
I think he came back with some pretty good ones.

If you know anything about Josh, you know he wants to do all things survival.
His favorite shows are Man Vs Wild and Survivorman.
So, camping and mountain climbing and fire starting are right up his alley.

And Jamie usually is just along for the ride.
He wants to do whatever Josh is doing.

I love the look on Jamie's face here.
He's like, "What you lookin' at?"

  After they set up camp, the boys wanted to climb the mountain.

Which went very well until Jamie got a bloody nose.
I mean, very, very bloody!

Jerry thought it was funny to take a picture before cleaning him up.
And, yes, that shirt is trash. They didn't even bother to bring it back home.

The next morning, they tried again.
With success.

This is my favorite picture from their adventure. I love the contrast in colors.
I bet is was very cool inside there.

They love that boy stuff.

Me? I prefer a nice air conditioned house and a soft bed.
So, I am grateful that they have a Dad who is willing to take them out into the wild.

And he is getting to be a pretty good amateur photographer.


  1. Wow, that looks like a fun trip! Besides the bloody nose, poor guy.

    I'm with you on the house and a/c, and my own bed! ;)

  2. love the last pic! And I'm so glad Jerry has the time to take his boys out into the wild! Richard would have killed for that with Brad.