Sunday, September 23, 2012

SHS 9/23

I am not going to lie. I had a hard time with a couple of the prompts this week.

I tried and tried to get "Bokeh" but each time something was really messed up.
So, I skipped that one.  :(
Now it has become a challenge for me.  I will get it.
Eventually.  :)

I did manage to get the other prompts, though.
So, without further they are.


This weekend we went to White Sands National Monument.
I will be sharing more photos from that adventure later this week.
This is one of the shots I got of the amazing landscape there.
Looks very alien, doesn't it?


Fall is here.  Woohoo!

Ordinary Color

  Ordinary color, extraordinary beauty.


 At first, I thought this picture was pretty boring. So, I decided to play around with the colors a bit.
I love how it dramatic it looks now.

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 Next Week:

Getting Ready 
Teeny Tiny 


  1. Nice collection. Bokeh can be challenging, but when you get is, oh how fun! Have a good week. I love your fence with the shadows.

  2. Fence is very dramatic! I love the light and shadows. And great capture of the color with the fallen leaf. Also, I think your blog back ground is that counts!!

  3. Oh, the fence is super dramatic! The lighting and the color really make it pop!!

  4. Love that fallen leaf, it just says Fall, and the morning glory is such a beautiful color!!

  5. I enjoyed seeing what you found on your hunt.. I just love the morning glory flower. So pretty.

  6. Well done. - Bokeh is tricky but stick with it and I know you'll succeed.
    I really liked your Cracked shot of the white sand
    Such lovely lighting in your Fallen leaf shot
    The Fence shot is well done.

  7. a BEAUTIFUL set!! my plan this week was to use sand for cracked until i found my cracked shell. you sand shot is extraordinary!!

    as is your ordinary color, there's nothing ordinary about that!!

  8. wow... I thought the white sand was snow! crazy! love love the fall shot! ;)