Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's starting

Earlier this year, I blogged about how I cannot wait for Spring.
How I love to get my hands dirty and grow things.

Well, it has started.
And I am so excited!

It is such an awesome feeling when something I have planted starts to grow.
Makes me me powerful. Like Tom Hanks in Castaway, when he is so proud of himself for making fire.

"I have made onions!"

And I have started making my crochet hearts for Valentine's decorating.

And later this week, I start sewing my apron.

Man, I am feeling crafty these days. And productive.
Oh, wait. I haven't done much cleaning this week.

So much for productivity.


  1. Hi- Thanks for coming by my blog, like, two weeks ago. I tried sending you an E-mail in response, but for some reason my system keeps rejecting "replies" to comments. So, I came over here to say hi. Wanted to do that anyway.
    I love the pattern for the apron. I, too, married an Eagle scout who is pretty much self-sufficient in all ways. He can even cook better then me. All that leaves for me is baking... and babies!
    Anyway, nice to meet you!

    1. Carrie, seems like we've got the baby making down pat. Baking also, I have been baking like crazy for the last two weeks for my daughter's bake sale fundraising. More on that later. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Love the spring as well! My step mom as a kid taught us all the love for growing things and now all of us sisters have these fabulous gardens in our homes :-) this year my son Judah should be able to understand and I can't wait to show him how to work in the Garden. I think he will also have a heart for it :-)