Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Full Weekend

This past weekend was very eventful.
Jerry had a 4 day weekend and the kids were off school Monday for MLK Day and we had a lot planned.

Friday, Jerry and I took some much needed alone time while the kids were in school to have lunch together and do a little shopping.
Friday night is family night, so we choose to watch movies and eat tons of popcorn and candy.
I'm thinking next weekend, I want to go to the gym together.

Since we were gone last weekend to the marriage retreat, I told Trina that we would do her birthday party this weekend. Whatever she wanted to do.  I thought she would choose a sleepover with a lot of friends or maybe bowling.
She chose Chuck E Cheese.

Surprised me, but hey,  you are never too old for Chuck E Cheese.
So,  Saturday afternoon we picked up a couple of her friends and headed out.

While the girls were playing, this is what I was doing.

I love my Kindle. I am so addicted to Every Word and Every Word Crossings.
But I did manage to read chapter 2 of Beth Moore's So Long Insecurity.
If anyone is looking for a good Bible study, I recommend this one. It is very, very good.

While I was busy with the girls, Jerry took the boys to his new hobby SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism).
Don't really know what that means except he dresses up in Medieval armor and beats the crap out of people.

The boys had a good time. Although they were disappointed that they couldn't use the real swords. They had to make do using the foam ones. 
I think I will go with them next time and make sure to get some good photos. I took the camera with me so Jerry couldn't get any of the boys. His friend took these ones of him fighting.

Saturday evening the Girl Scouts were hosting a Father/Daughter dance. 
Trina was so excited to go with her Daddy on a date.

Jerry embarrassed her by requesting Locomotion and starting a conga line dance.
But she came home beaming, so she must have had a good time.
Good job, Daddy!

Our church was having a bake sale to raise money for the teens Tuesday, so Trina spent most of the Monday afternoon baking goodies.

Yes, I did let her use my new mixer.
Under strict supervision.

She made banana chocolate muffins, apple nut bread, pumpkin cookies, and Nutella cupcakes.

Jerry always tells me I only make stuff for the church or other events, so I had Trina make double batches of everything except the Nutella cupcakes.

He was very happy.

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