Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I have a confession to make.

I love wrestling.
You know, the cheesy, soap opera, professional wrestling called the WWE.

When I was a little girl, I would snuggle with my grandpa every Saturday night and watch the WCCW on TV.
When I was 8 or 9 years old, my dad and grandpa took me to a live wrestling show.
That is a memory I will never forget. We were on the front row and I yelled and cheered louder than anyone else. I was so excited to see the people in person that I had only seen on TV.

When I was a teenager I would get together with my brother, sister, and her husband to watch WCW Monday Night Nitro. Every week, that's where you would find me.
Back then, you would never catch me watching the WWE.
They were the competition.

But then,the WWE bought out the WCW and I finally started to watch.
And I was just as addicted to their silliness as I had been to the others.

As an adult, I only watched wrestling occasionally. There was too much to do to stop and watch a two hour program every week.

Then came the miracle of DVR.
I love DVR. Now I don't have to sit through the stupid commercials and I can only watch the parts I want to see.

Josh started joining me in watching wrestling every week.
If you know Josh, this comes as no surprise. He is an all out boy and wrestling is right up his alley.
Watching every week became our time together.
He would come snuggle up with me and cheer our favorite wrestlers.

When I found out that WWE was coming to Las Cruces I knew I had to get tickets for me and Josh.
It would be the kind of memory for him that I had as a little girl.

The night of the show, Josh and I were excited.
We made a poster of our favorite wrestler, John Cena.
And Jerry took our picture doing his signature move, "You can't see me!"

We could hardly wait for the action to begin.
When it did, it was nonstop fun.

Then it was time for the man, John Cena. As you can tell, Josh was a little excited.

And you can also tell why he is my favorite wrestler.

Nah, I'm just kidding. He's my favorite because he is so good to the fans.
After the match, he went around gretting and talking to the fans.
A real class act.

We had a really good time and Josh cannot wait until we go again.

I have done my job right, creating a new generation of wrestling fans.

My grandpa would be proud.

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  1. what an awesome time!

    when i wasn't pretending to be an acrobat, i was prancing around the house in a leotard. fully convinced i was king kong bundy. my dad let me watch wrestling with him and bundy and hulk hogan were my faves:)