Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Beautiful Time

I told you guys that my mom and dad got remarried on Christmas Eve.
They first got married in 1957 and were married for 34 years before deciding to part ways.
They got back together in 1998, seven years after the divorce was final.

I have asked them repeatedly since them when they were going to make it official and get married again.
Same answer every time...later.

Well, when my mom called me this past Fall and told me they were going to the justice of the peace and get remarried, I was thrilled.
However, I was not going to allow them to just go to the courthouse for this special occasion.
And I wanted to be there.

So, I told them I would plan it if they would come to El Paso and get married in my church. They agreed and I got busy planning.

Not only would I get to have my family with me at Christmas, I would be present for the wedding that I had wanted for so long.
 If I had my way, it would have been a big extravaganza with lots of flowers and food and fun. But they wanted small and simple.
Jerry's mom is an ordained minister, so she agreed to perform the ceremony.
Woohoo! More people for Christmas.

We were allowed to use my church for the ceremony, and since it was already decorated for Christmas, I didn't need to do any more.

We decided that since it was Christmas Eve, we would do it in the afternoon and have a big feast at home for the "reception." (I suppose it isn't really a reception when just family is present, but whatever.)

Here is the beautiful bride.

Josh, Jamie, and my nephew Stephen were the best men and walked down the aisle with my dad.

Next up...the two granddaughters.

Then, it was time.
Joy and I walked our mom down the aisle.

After an emotional prayer...

The ceremony began.

Next up was picture time.

Erica caught the bouquet, which is fitting since she is engaged to be married next fall.

When we got back to the house, I made the newlyweds wait in the car while I ran in the house to get the rice.
I know, I know, you aren't supposed to throw rice anymore. But I forgot about it until right then, so I didn't have anything else.
Besides, it's winter, the birds are supposed to be south. Oh wait, El Paso is south.. Oh, well.

Dad insisted on carrying mom over the threshold. That was truly hilarious!
Sorry about the lighting, I had put the camera down right as he picked her up. I had to hurry to get the shot.

It really was a special, beautiful wedding.
No matter how old you are, you want to see your mom and dad together and happy.
I am so glad they decided to get remarried and I am beyond thrilled that I got to be there.

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