Monday, August 13, 2012

SHS Haiti Edition

Sorry, friends for being missing this week.

My baby girl came home from her Haiti mission trip this week.
We've been catching up and readjusting to each other.

So, in honor of her first mission trip, SHS this week is done with some pictures of her adventures.
The pictures are not the best quality, but at least she was able to capture some memories.


This is one of the first shots I got to see while she was gone. The kids (well, teens, really) made this for their camp.

Hanging by a Thread

They had to go through "bootcamp" before heading out on the actual mission. Katrina said it was a lot like an actual military bootcamp. There was puddle jumping, tire crawling, and of course rope climbing.


Sometimes they had to sleep in tents, sometimes they got a dorm room. She saw a lot, did a lot, and made some great friends. I hope they will last a lifetime.

Always Look on the Bright Side

She said there were several rain storms during her stay in Florida and Haiti. She loved it, seeing we don't get too much of the wet stuff in El Paso.


She had a wonderful time, but said she was glad to be headed home.
As you can tell, she never did figure out the time stamp on her camera.

I am incredibly proud of Katrina for being willing to help out others. She spent an entire year working and saving up her money to be able to go on this trip.
I truly believe it was a life changing event for her.

Welcome home, baby!

Next week:
  1. Forest
  2. Morning Light
  3. Touch
  4. Newspaper
  5. Coffee or Tea


  1. These are great. I really like that you were able to base this weeks hunt on her trip. Very awesome!

  2. Those kinds of trips can be totally life-changing for a young person . . . thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow, this trip must have been a powerfull experience for her! Thanks for sharing it!

  4. What an adventure and a great experience for her. Thanks for sharing her photos!

  5. One of the gifts my husband and I wanted to give each of our 4 children was 1) a trip to Israel and 2) a mission trip. We almost accomplished our goals. Our youngest didn't get to Israel and our third didn't go on a mission trip, but mostly we tried. The trips were life-changing--well worth the investments. Hooray,Katrina!


  6. Wow! What an incredible experience for your daughter!

  7. What wonderful memories she has made!! I love that you took the prompts and showed us a small bit of her trip!!

  8. Wow, good for her! I am amazed at her diligence and hard work. What an awesome experience for her!!
    My husband was deployed to Haiti just after the quake for recovery and aid. It's such a long process of redevelopment. I'm so thankful that people like your daughter are continuing the effort.

  9. that is so great, you must be so proud of her and a whole year? wow!!