Monday, August 20, 2012

I Believe

I believe coffee is for anytime, not only morning time.

I believe Fall is the best season of the year. So hurry the heck up already!

I believe a day at the beach can solve just about any problem. Just make sure you shower.

I believe in chocolate.  Amen!

I believe in love. And in second chances. My parents got remarried last Christmas. And it was wonderful.

I believe in being married to your best friend.

I believe in Superman. From any decade.

I believe that friendships can last a lifetime. Even if you are an Army wife. It just takes work.

I believe in flowers.

I believe that banana splits are a perfectly acceptable dinner from time to time.

I believe in truth.

 What do you believe?


  1. Verna, I believe in a lot of the same things you do! Coffee, chocolate, flowers and friendships. I like fall, but have a soft spot for spring. I am a March born and love new life on the ranch.

    Hope you and the family are back up on your feet and you got your house chores caught up.

    1. Thanks, Robyn. We are all back to normal again. Well, as normal as possible. My second favorite season is Spring, all the gardening and such. Yup!

  2. Great post!I love the love and second chances one!!

  3. Hi there! I found you from your comment on Meg Duerksen's blog. (my absolute favorite one) My last name is Lantz too, so I had to come check you out! I guess we would be "Lantz - Army of 4 (plus a dog)" although hubby isn't in the military. Good to meet you! Come on over...