Tuesday, August 28, 2012

End of Summer 2012

It's been a good summer.
We got a lot done on our house back East.
Trina went on her first mission trip.
We had good quality family time spent together.

But now the school year has started.


In celebration of the end of summer, I let the kids have some good clean fun on the last day.

A shaving cream fight.
Get it? Good clean fun?

I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

 It was a ton of fun.
I think we might make this a tradition every year.
The kids thought it was awesome. So did I.

Monday morning...time for school.

I cannot believe how big they are. Trina is going to high school this year.  9th grade.
I remember that year. Good times, well, mostly.
Josh is in 5th this year. Soon, he will be in high school. Sigh.
And, my baby, James is in 3rd.
Time sure flies by, doesn't it? Weren't they just my little babies?

Stop growing already!

 Such a handsome little man.

This picture shows their personality differences so well. Josh is all boy, all the time. James is pretty quiet and laid back. Funny how God gives us such different kids.

 Lining up, getting ready to go inside.

My sweet 3rd grader.  Have a great day, baby!

All is quiet around the Lantz house today.
And it is good.
Now I am of to get chores and errands done before the kids get home.
Wish me luck!

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