Sunday, August 26, 2012

SHS 8/26

It's been a crazy week around this place.

School starts tomorrow, so all this past week I've been registering kids, gathering school supplies, doing hair cuts, and meeting teachers.

I am so ready for the routine to start.

To be honest with you, I got all the Hunt shots today except one.
I am pretty pleased that I got to it at all.

Here are my interpretations.


 My kiddos backpacks for this year.  They are stuffed full of school supplies. A lot of school supplies.

Rule of Thirds

 I had to look this one up actually. I had never heard of the term before this week.
I got up early this morning and got this shot of the sunrise. I really kind of like it.

Side Profile

 This one is from earlier this year. Jerry is teaching Trina to play chess. He beat her every time.
But she is determined, so he better watch out.


 I was out looking for something to capture "small" and I found this tiny feather floating around. When it finally landed, I got up close to get the shot. As soon as I took the picture, it was off on the wind again.


  Since the kids start back to school tomorrow, I thought it would be nice to let them celebrate the end of summer with a shaving cream fight. This is one of my favorite shots from the chaos.
I will have a new post tomorrow with the extent of the damage.

Please head over to Ashley's for more Scavenger Hunt fun.


  1. love the photo of RULE of THIRDS... beautiful... SMALL feather... we wish on small feathers! (I don't really remember when we started doing that)... Shaving cream fights... this pic brought back memories of my girls.
    first time here! will be back.

  2. That last photo has me smiling. And I love your Rule of thirds. So pretty..

  3. These are great. I loved your Rule of Thirds shot, so pretty.
    Also enjoyed Small and Motion (that sounds like good fun).

  4. that motion shot. Lots of fun :)

  5. Your sunrise shot is so pretty, Verna. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Looks like a fun way to end the summer! Love the feather!

  7. Great set of images! I love the gorgeous layers of colors in your Rule of Thirds shot! Small is so soft and lovely. I have quite a collection of feathers I've found and photographed! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  8. all great shots!! love the feather!! ;) and shaving cream fight is fun... I do shaving cream "art" and my tables get cleaned... but have not braved the "fight" ... ;)

  9. Great job with rule of thirds and small! The shaving cream fight looks like so much fun.

  10. all wonderful....motion was my favorite ;)))

    second was the feather, love from above!!