Sunday, March 3, 2013

SHS 3/3

This week, my Scavenger Hunt is focused on my garden.
What I have and what I want.


 These are the first things going into my garden this year.
Just waiting for a little warmer weather....


 This is what I would have in my garden if I lived in the right place.
Oh, grapefruit, you slay me.


 At least the daffodils don't care about the cold and grow profusely.


 The Lilies should be opening shortly.


 And my favorite flower in my favorite color.
A blue Hyacinth.


Mmy fresh, newly tilled vegetable garden.
Come on, Spring!

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Weekly Top Shot #72
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  1. You are seeing such beautiful signs of Spring in your parts. I grew up in Texas and I know by this time of the year, Spring was in bloom, however we are along way from Spring in the Chicago area. Happy Sunday and have a glorious week ahead.

  2. Love this idea of scavenger hunt in the garden! I will have to remember to do with my daughter :)

  3. I think it would be neat to have an orange tree too! Looks like you have a lot of space to grow your garden!! Very soon it will be planting time indeed!


  4. Fun, bountiful shots. When it comes to oranges, I worship the person who came up with Cuties (made for kids, but loved by adults - I just added that last part) - so easy to peel and yummy to eat. Happy gardening!

  5. So exciting to have your garden all tilled! We've still have too much snow here!

  6. Awesome idea ... Garden Hunt Sunday! We don't have any snow and nothing is greening up around here. With the mild weather and calving it feels like spring.

    The Blue Hyacinth picture is my favorite.

  7. It is good to see pictures of dirt and spring flowers. With 2 feet of snow yet it will be a while before we see that. Great pictures. Thanks

  8. I like that you've chosen a garden theme for this week's hunt. We seem to all be looking forward to spring. You flower garden looks simlar to mine. My jonquils are up and lilies pushing through. My hyacinth has made it's appearance yet!

  9. These are wonderful. The blue hyacinth is an absolute gem. Love it!

  10. Oh yay! Such lovely photos. I can't even picture spring right now with all the crazy snow we have here. The snow piles are higher than me and we are expecting another 5-8 inches tonight and tomorrow. Bah!
    Thanks for sending a bit of spring my way!

  11. Wonderful! Love all the colors! :)

  12. OMG I love your blue photo...So crisp and so pretty...Very nice!