Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Backyard Birthdays, Baby Showers, and Babies

It was a crazy busy weekend for our family.
Full of lots of celebrating an junk food.

My oldest son turned 11 on Friday.
I took cupcakes up to the school at lunch for him.
It was really amusing to watch the fighting
over who got to share them.

But who could blame them?
They were chocolate, after all.

He decided he wanted to roast hot dogs over the fire for his party.
I am totally ok with that.
No cooking for me.

 Katrina thinks she is the only normal one in our family.
She might be right.

 There is just not a non messy way to eat smores.

 I love the excitement on his face.
Totally fake, though.
He helped pick out his present, so he was pretending to be surprised.

Then on Saturday, we celebrated the newest addition to the family.
My beautiful niece is going to have a baby this summer.
I am thrilled to pieces!
Another baby to spoil.

Isn't she just adorable?
Although I don't feel old enough to be a Great Aunt.

 The happy couple opeing gifts.
They made out like bandits.
I never got that much stuff when my babies were born.
Adorable and spoiled.

Daddy-to-be and Grandma-to-be in the games.
I suppose youth has its advantages.

 Apparently you never outgrow sibling rivalry.

Four generations right here.
If you count the one on the inside.
And I do.

Speaking of babies, I got to spend time with my youngest niece and nephew this weekend.

Kinda makes me want another one.

Nah, I'll just spoil these and send them back.

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  1. What fun! A birthday, baby shower, and babies! That's awesome!
    And shame on you for posting a baby pic. Now I want another one. ;)