Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Break

My best friend came to visit me this week.
An unexpected, very welcome surprise.

While we have been accomplishing a lot on the house,
a break was definitely in order.

We went to the Dairy-ette in Dallas.
Supposedly the best burgers and fries in the Metroplex.
Great burgers, not so great fries.

After our burgers we walked it off at the lake at sunset.

And play in the trees.
Somehow, my best friend brings out my inner child.

We found an In N Out Burger and decided to undue our walk to undue the first burger.
I love the photobombers in the back.

And if the burgers weren't enough,
we topped off the night with Cheesecake Factory.
If you are gonna splurge, I say make it worth it.
I had never been before.
I highly recommend it.

I love having a friend that will surprise me
and help me even when I don't know I need it.


  1. What a wonderful gift God gave you to send you your friend for a visit!! How neat! Looked like you guys had a great time too!! Who can resist the Cheesecake Factory? Only problem here in California, by law all restaurants have to have calorie counts of the food.....its not pretty how many calories are in a piece of one....

    glad you both had a great time!


  2. Nothing better than a much needed visit from a girlfriend. How fun! Glad you got a much deserved break!

    Love the photobombers too! :)