Sunday, November 4, 2012

SHS 11/04

Hello everyone.

I hope you are having as fabulous weekend as I am.

It was my birthday yesterday and my daughter made me
cheesecake while I was out on a date with my husband.

It was incredibly thoughtful of her.
Either that, or she was trying to get out of chores.
Doesn't matter, it was delicious!!

Now, on to the  Scavenger Hunt for this week.

Some of these were a little hard to come up with something.
I finally found my inspiration when I went to Hobby Lobby with my husband
on our date. (Don't ask, that's just how we roll)


 The kids loved the "wild" snake while we were in Albuquerque.
Better them than me is what I have to say.


I found this sign at Hobby Lobby in the baseball section.
I totally want it to go above the front door of my house.


I had to go into my archives for this one.
I had a wonderful adventure last March on a woman's retreat.
This was one of the highlights.
Line jumping, it was such a rush!


 This was another Hobby Lobby find.
I adore these picture frames.
I cannot imagine what pictures you could put in one of them
that wouldn't be completely outdone by these crazy colors.


 My husband fell in love with all these classics.
He wants all of them for his office.
I agree, they are pretty cool.

Next week:

Vintage or Retro
Week’s Best

 then, she {snapped}


  1. that was super nice of your daughter!

  2. I love that stadium sign. Did you get it??? I think you should. ;) And those colorful frames are too cool. Happy Birthday!!! My husband always teases me that my birthday celebration lasts about 2 weeks....hope yours does, too!!!!!

  3. Great shots - Wild looks mighty scary to me...Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy belated birthday-that cheesecake is looking yummy. I like your welcome shot the best.

  5. Mmm, that cheesecake looks so yummy! Happy Birthday! My favourite is the Classic shot. Good for you doing the line jumping thing . . . I think I would be too scared.

  6. Ohh lucky you... I love cheesecake


  7. Sounds like an enjoyable 'date night' and Happy Birthday. My husband and I do grocery shopping together - for the most part it is a nice time spent together (sometimes I wish he would hurry it along as he is the one wanting to peruse each and every aisle. weird, but true!) Good choices for this week's words.

  8. I love Hobby Lobby! Only I have to travel about 50 miles to get to one. Happy Birthday to you!

  9. Well Happy Birthday! - Sounds like you had a great time. How fun that your hubby went with you to Hobby Lobby. Last time mine was with me he stayed in the car and took a nap while I shopped!
    Love the Vibrant find and the Classic. My favorite though is the Welcome shot, what a cool looking sign.

  10. What a lovely set...and that cheesecake looks delicious! It would taste real good with my coffee right about now. :) Happy Belated Birthday!

  11. happy belated birthday! your daughter did a great job on the cheesecake, even if she was trying to get out of doing chores :P

  12. Awww. What a sweet daughter!
    Happy belated birthday!

  13. Hi Verna! Happy Happy Belated Birthday!! Gotta love Hobby Lobby.. :) Visiting from Your Sunday Best!