Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Generous Tuesday - Cancer Battle

Did you know that today is Generous Tuesday?

Yeah, me neither.

I learned of it from Sara over at
It's Good To Be Queen
and Hannah at
Happy Days.

It's when you look for opportunities to help others.
It can be anything from making dinner for your elderly neighbor, taking the kids so the frazzled mamma can get an afternoon to herself, to volunteering at your local shelter.
The sky is the limit.

Go here if you want to learn more about it.

I have decided that I am going to join with Erin
over at Living In Yellow to help the family of a little
boy named Isaac who is battling cancer.

Isaac was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor last year.
He overcame.
He became a cancer survivor.

Until now.
Now the cancer is back.
Not just back....but back with vengeance...all over his spine and brain.

I read through his parent's journal.
My heart was breaking.

 I am so thankful for Erin jumping right in to find something that can be done for this family.
She is talking about it and what you can do to help over at her blog.

One thing that is needed is monetary help for the family.

Erin set up a donation widget for those of you who want to help out the family.
Here is what she said about it:

"Monetary Donations.
I realize that no amount of money is going to heal Isaac and his family's heartache right now.
But it can help alleviate the stresses of every day life.
All I am asking from you is a $5 donation.
I wanted to ask for $1, but this widget doesn't allow $1. Smart widget I suppose.  
Listen up--thousands of you show up to this blog daily (why I am not sure, but today I am extremely grateful). If those of you who can afford $5 today are willing to give....we can make a HUGE dent in their financial needs. Here is how the money will be broken down:
The first part of the money will go towards gifts for Isaac and his two siblings. You all made it pretty clear that you want to make sure this Christmas knocks all of the others out of the water.
We want to make sure it does as well.
The second way the money will be spent is on gas gift cards. Traveling to and from the hospital can get dang expensive and we don't want them to have to worry about it.
The third portion of the funds will be used to have food catered in from local restaurants.
Good, quality, nourishing, hot meals. At their doorstop.
Donating is simple by using this little tool below.
You can also click on "add to site" and you will be able to add it to your blog if you so desire.
The more people spreading the word...the more blessings we can give" 
So I am setting up the donation widget here on my site also.
If you feel lead to donate, please do.

I ask that you please pray for this family.
And all the families who are heartbroken in the wake of this disease.

Let's flood the throne room of Heaven for little Isaac.
Let's also show his family the love of Christ in the terrible time.

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  1. Thank you SO much for sharing Isaac and his story on your blog. I appreciate it oh so much and can only hope we are bringing a small amount of joy their way during this very difficult time.