Sunday, October 14, 2012

SHS 10/14

I missed last week's hunt because we were in Albuquerque for the Balloon Festival.
It was worth it. We had a ton of fun. If you get the chance to go, do so. It is wonderful!

I am glad to be back home now and was thrilled with the hunt this week.
They were fun to find and photograph.

Water Drops or Water Flowing

  My husband I and I found this gorgeous set of waterfalls in a canyon while we were on our motorcycle ride. It was so peaceful and lovely. I want to go back.


 Our wedding rings.  14 years and counting.

Then and Now

We've been best friends for 14 years now. Hard to believe it's been so long, but I am so blessed to have her in my life.


 This one was a bit of a challenge. But, I think it turned out pretty cool.

One Item From the Bucket List: Go to a Theme Park or Fair

The world famous Albuquerque Balloon Festival. So much fun!!

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Next week:
Orange or PINK in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Faceless Portrait (aim for a selfie)
View from the Top


  1. I'm sure that was an amazing experience!!

  2. I'm sure that was an amazing experience!!

  3. Is there nothing more endearing than a life-long friend? I have one too. I should get another photo of us together; she's such a big part of my life. That last balloon shot is my fave.

  4. Life long friends are the best...and I bet you had a great time at the balloon fest. I was going to go last year, but each day was cancelled because of bad weather. Wonderful photos!!

  5. Those balloon shots are great but my favourite is you and your friend. friendship is such a beautiful thing! =) Oh an I loooove your wedding ring!

  6. so lovely that you have had a friendship that long!

  7. A long friendship is definitely a blessing! I love your balloon shots. Looks like a fun event! :)

  8. I saw your balloon, and I knew we were kindred spirits! I was at the balloon festival too. Love the shot of you and your friend. Very special. Have a great week.

  9. Lasting friendships with your husband and your gal friend - you're very lucky. I went to the Balloon Festival a couple years ago. NM is beautiful countryside.

  10. They are all wonderful!
    What a pretty ring you have!
    I was in Albuquerque at Balloon Festival time a few years ago. Unfortunately it got cancelled due to weather.

  11. I love your then and now....I wish I would have thought of using pictures of my friend and I. :) And I am jealous you went to the balloon festival. My friend lives there, and posted pictures. Oh my goodness....that looks like A LOT of fun.

  12. Love your hot air balloon picture! We get to go to a balloon festival every year and it is a magical experience.

  13. oh... the balloon festival is on my list of places to visit! the people who go take such amazing photos.

  14. Wonderful set.
    I really liked your Balloon shots from the Bucket List. That would be awesome to see.
    Beautiful shot of the rings for Faithfulness.
    Then and Now - So special to have a long time friend like that.

  15. awesome idea for faithfullness, your rings are beautiful!!

    we rode in a hot air balloon, it was the best adventure ever!!

  16. Gorgeous. I love your shot of the rings!