Thursday, October 4, 2012

American Passtime

Everyone who know me knows I adore baseball.
I have ever since I went to my first Texas Rangers game when I was 9 years old.

I love the sight, the sounds, the simplicity of the game.

Some of my best memories are at the games.

I worked at the Ballpark as a teenager (well, worked is a loosely used term). My boss would frequently come out to the stands and tell me to get back inside.
I know, right?  The nerve of him expecting me to actually miss the action on the field.

I have had a couple of dates with my husband at a game.
He sure knows how to get to my heart.

 I have also taken all my kids to the Ballpark and tried to instill a love for the Grand Ole Game.

I think it might have stuck with Josh.
He loves playing catch with us.

Just a few outtakes from our "game" this past Sunday.

He's getting pretty good at catching and throwing the ball.
Now, we just need to work of the hitting part.
I can't wait until next Spring when the boys will be in Little League.

Although, I think James would rather climb trees instead of play catch.

He's young yet. I will continue the brainwashing.

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