Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Balloon Festival Part 2

The wind was still pretty crazy Saturday night and into Sunday morning, so we decided to sleep in because we we sure they weren't going to launch the balloons.

We were wrong.
They launched and we missed it.

After service in the oldest church in Albuquerque, we stayed and played around Old Town.

The boys had a blast chasing the birds that were everywhere.

Daddy teaching James how to shoot his new toy.
Which has not left his side since he got it.

All the kids insisted on cranking the wheel that flattens the pennies into a souvenir.

Josh was adamant about getting to play on the cannon in the square.
If I could've, I would've made a long bang to scare him.

Then, we found the highlight of the day.
A live snake.

Yes, I held it.
Yes, I was terrified!

After a long day walking around in the sun, we spent a very pleasant evening in the pool and hot tub.

The pool was freezing, so I chose to stay in the hot tub.
Where we got the funniest picture from the weekend.

We had planned on leaving Sunday afternoon so we could have some down time before the kids had to go to school and Jerry had to go back to work on Tuesday.
But, since we had missed the balloon launch Sunday morning, we decided to stay the extra day to catch it.

I am so glad we did.

There weren't as many balloons in the air since it wasn't the Mass Ascension, but there were plenty to watch.
It truly is an incredible sight to see the sky full on colorful, fun hot air balloons.

To finish off the weekend right, the boys tried some dried, crunchy worms that they insisted on getting at Old Town.

It was a wonderful vacation.
Lots of good times had and memories made.

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