Thursday, April 5, 2012

Yard Sale/Boy Scouts

Last weekend was kinda crazy around the Lantz household.
Our 14 year old daughter has been trying to raise money for a mission trip this summer to Haiti. She has been working very hard and has managed to raise most of the money by working instead of a lot of donations.

We had a yard sale last Friday and Saturday. Our church donated a ton of stuff to help out. We were so busy setting up and selling stuff I didn't get a lot of pictures. But I did manage to get one good one.

And this was after we had already sold a couple hundred dollars worth of stuff. I kept having to leave and pick stuff up that people wanted to donate.
I would do the same. If someone offered to come get my old stuff and I didn't have to organize it and put on a yard sale, I would totally jump on it.
We don't do yard sales very often because I hate all the prepping and organizing that goes into it.
Katrina was a trooper, though. She worked very hard and did most of the work.
It is for her after all.
She ended up making about $650 over the weekend. I was amazed!
And so proud of her.
She is so close to making what she needs to go to Haiti. I am praying that this is a positive experience for her and she comes back brimming with stories of what God can do.
If you think of it, please pray for her, too. It's hard to send your baby off to another country.
Even if it is for a good cause.

While Katrina and I were busy with the yard sale, Jerry took the boys to their annual Boy Scout Pine Wood Derby.

Don't they just look adorable in their uniforms?

Apparently Jamie managed to beat Josh several times with his car. The funny thing about it is that Jamie is using Josh's car from last year because the one that he made for this year broke and there wasn't time to fix it before the race.
A fact that Josh kept reminding him. It didn't matter though. Jamie was thrilled to be able to beat Josh.
Ahhh, the joys of brotherly love!

We spent Sunday getting rid of all the stuff that didn't sell in the yard sale and cleaning the yard for Spring.

This shelf didn't sell and I quickly confiscated it for myself.
It was originally a tall shelf to go over a washer and dyer, but Jerry shortened it for me, moved it to the shady corner of the patio, and put most of my plants on it.
I like it. And I am hoping to be able to keep them alive through the desert summer.

Especially this one.

This is my blackberry bush. I thought I had killed it after last summer but it came back this year.
And so far, it looks good.
I am really hoping for some yummy blackberries this year.
I think I will make a cobbler with them.
Or a pie.
Or maybe jam.

I suppose I should wait to see if it lives first.

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