Sunday, April 22, 2012


It;s time to join Ashley for Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

Ashley lost her grandmother this week, so I want to send out my best wishes to her and her entire family. If you get the chance this week, say a prayer for them. 
Here are my interpretations of the challenge this week.

  I had these yellow daisies in mind for Yellow this week, then when I was making dinner yesterday, I loved how the Colby Jack cheese looked, so I am using both. :)

Something that made me smile
 My youngest son brought home a seed to grow this week. He promptly flanked it with soldiers to make sure no one touched it. I smile every time I see it.

Ancient or Antique
 My husband and I found this lamp at an antique store last summer and he insisted on getting it. He loves the 30's style of it. 

 Here is my oldest boy splashing around in Rocky Mountain national Park. Look at all that greenery. 

In the sun
 Our dog loves being in the sun. Pretty much anytime that is where we will find her. She however, does not like having her picture taken. It took me several tries to get this one.


  1. Great shots! Thanks for visiting!


  2. Protecting the seeds....LOVE IT!!!

  3. fun photos!
    cheese. very clever!
    I love the look of joy on your son's face.
    The protected seed is wonderful!

  4. These are great. I really love your smile photo!!

  5. The army men protecting the seeds-cracked me up!
    Oh... our dog used to lay in the sun... I loved stroking her turn when she was warm from the sun.
    Nice set of pics...

  6. I love your son's imagination. It's awesome!

  7. Cheese - how clever! And I really like your splash shot.

  8. Lol, the seed with soldiers made me chukle! Sweet boy you got!

  9. haha. I like the smile shot. Made me smile too!