Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Snowy Retreat

Last weekend was my PWOC retreat at Ft Lone Tree, New Mexico.

If you ever get a chance to go there, GO!
It is so beautiful and restful. The workers there are amazing. They treated us like royalty and we had a ton of fun.

It's pretty high up in the mountains, so it is green, unlike a certain place I know. (Cough, cough)
There was a light dusting of snow on everything when we got there.

Over the next couple of days, it snowed like crazy. We thought we might get snowed in.
Well, we were hoping anyway.

Our group got lost on the way there so we didn't arrive until later than almost everyone else. But, we made it and got settled into our cabin. These were my roomies.

They were so addicted to their technology. I snapped this picture because it was so typical of the weekend.

 My diet totally went out the window.  I had this chocolate cake when we arrived at 10pm at night.
Yep, I sure did. It was delicious, too.
Don't judge me.

I swear there was chocolate everywhere. These were on the table everyday. But I resisted.

I figured all that eating was alright because we had a lot of activities planned for Saturday.
First up, my group went line jumping.
This is the view from the top of our "hill"

Needless to say, I was a little nervous.

But I was determined to jump.
With only that little bitty rope to hold me.
Just kidding! They had a lot of safety measures and they assured me that they had never had anyone fall before.
But still. When you are standing on top of a 30 foot platform ready to leap off you rethink your sanity.

I am glad I did it. It was exhilarating. So I did it again just to make sure. Yep, it was awesome.

Next up, we went to the "swing." I use this term loosely because on this "swing," they hook you up to a pickup truck and pull you way up into the air and then just let you drop. We dropped about 60 feet. Ummm, yeah. Scary! But, I did that twice, too.
I don't learn very quickly apparently.

By this time, it was about 20 degrees out and we were absolutely freezing! The girls wanted to go back inside and skip the next event.
It was the event that I had been looking forward to all weekend.

The rifle range.

I had never shot a gun at all before that and I really wanted to do it. I wasn't about to let a little cold stop me from participating. I headed up to the Lodge for a quick warm up and a hot cup of coffee and ventured back out into the blizzard.

The rifle range was a total blast. Since we were the last group to shoot and several of the girls went inside to get warm, the range leader let us shoot as much as we wanted.

I found out I am a pretty good shot. I made about 80% of the shots I took.

I guess Jerry's gonna have to take me out to the range and I will show him up.

This was the fort when we woke up Sunday morning.

Just glorious.

I was all over the place taking pictures of everything.
Here are just a few.

Just a little snow surfing to end the weekend.

If you get a chance to go on a ladies only retreat, do it. There's nothing like spending quality time with a bunch of godly women. Not only did I have a blast, God really reached my heart with some issues that needed healing.
I am so appreciative for the opportunity to go on this retreat.
I think I will try again next year.

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