Sunday, March 4, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This week has been a little rough around my house. And my blogging has suffered.

Worry not, though. This week, I will be back to my normal self.
Even if it kills me. Or someone else.

Kidding, kidding!
I think.

It's time for this week's scavenger hunt.

Here are my interpretations this week.


Every morning, I am up at this time to get my kiddos dressed and off to school. Someday, I will be able to sleep late.


 My daughter's guitar. She has had it for several years and still hasn't mastered it. I am still hopeful, though.


 My new Kindle Fire. I love it. I can read, watch TV, surf the net, play games, and keep my kids entertained all in one device. Gotta love new technology.

Show Me Your Style

 The completion of my 1st sewing project. I am totally in love with this apron. The style, the fit, and the colors are glorious. They match my kitchen exactly.


 Speaking of my kitchen, these are from my collection. I love the contrast in the colors.

Join me in the Scavenger Hunt this week. Link up below for the new list.


  1. woh! bright guitar!

    love your style.
    love the mugs.
    you must love that teal color... it was in both of those shots!

  2. That apron is way too cute - love that.

  3. Well, you've shown us your style with your love of turquoise and yellow - in your apron and your dishes. What happy colors! I also think it's awesome that you are learning how to sew. Sometimes I toy with that idea, but I still haven't figured out how to work it into my schedule. And that's a very fun pink guitar!

  4. Great set of images!! Congratulations on completing your apron! It' lovely! I also love the pink guitar!!

  5. Excellent job on this week's scavenger hunt list. Love the shot of the alarm clock (why didn't I think of that!) and the perspective of your daughter's guitar. And your apron reminds me of several I inherited from my grand and great-grandmothers.

  6. Great set, love your apron, so cute, love the colours!