Monday, March 26, 2012


Josh's birthday was last week.
He turned 10 years old.
I cannot believe it.

This boy has had an abundance of personality since the day he was born.

I told Josh instead of a big birthday party this year, he could have a couple of friends for a sleepover.

I had three 10 year olds, one 8 year old, and one 7 year old over Saturday night.

I plead temporary insanity.

Things started out innocently enough.

 Let me tell you, 5 boys can devour three pizzas with a quickness.

Everybody got an individual cake. I know it looks like a donut, but it's not. I used small bunt cake pans and made nine individual cakes. And I know it looks girly, but Josh wanted sprinkles and these were the only ones I had.

I made them go outside so they could burn off the energy from pizza, cake, ice cream, and sodas.
They quickly formed teams and started a Nerf gun war.

After they came back inside, there was a, well let's just say, spirited BeyBlade battle.

It was at this point Katrina decided to bug out and headed over to a friends house for the evening. I can't say I blame her. It was very loud and chaotic in my house.

I tried to settle them down with a movie. However, as soon as the movie was over, they were up and at it again.

I finally got them to go to bed at about 10pm.
Notice I said bed and not sleep.
That took a little longer.

Remind me next time I think this is a good idea to make Jerry stay home with all the rowdy boys.

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