Monday, June 9, 2014

God is Good...Life is Good

We went on a cruise!

My best friend helped me find the opportunity and
finances for our family to take a family
vacation together on a cruise.
With the past 18 months of hardships and changes,
it was so needed.

It was a bit cloudy when we got on the boat, but it soon cleared up
for sunny skies and smooth sailing all the way to Mexico.

My favorite people in the whole world were with me.

Upon exploring the ship, Josh found one of the
lifeboats and reached out to it.
"I touched the butt!!"
This kid slays me.

 Our days were filled with lots of activities and fun.

Like Tea Time.

Elegant Night with my handsome soldier.

And my beautiful daughter.

Michele taught the boys how to make fart sounds under their arms with a straw.
Oh, how they laughed.

Once in Mexico, there was lots of sun, and fun, and impossible blue water.

We celebrated  James' 10th birthday in Cozumel.
Where we found a nice big cake for him to play in.

This was one of the boys' favorite places.
Though clearly not for playing chess.
More like bowling with pieces being knocked over everywhere.

 There was lots of opportunities to stand in awe of God's creation.

To reconnect with my sweetie.

And to make lots of new friends.

I've got a whole new perspective on life now.
Being in the middle of the ocean surrounded by God's
majesty and glory will do that to you.

Well, that and scones and cream.
And brownies.


  1. Wow! A vacation of a lifetime! I am so happy for you! You deserve it. So glad y'all had such a fantastic time! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, what an experience and fun time for you all! How cute with the birthday cake; just the right place for a 10 year old to spend some of his special day (belated birthday greetings to him). Glad it was a great time with your family; looked beautiful with that blue water. I'm sure wonderful memories were made that will last a lifetime!


  3. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. :)