Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Fun

The movers finally arrived on Friday morning with all our stuff.

The house quickly filled up with boxes and furniture.
And I quickly became overwhelmed with it all.

But I jumped right in and started unpacking and putting away.
 I think I may have issues with turquoise dishes.
It makes me happy.

This is my "new" China hutch I inherited from my mom.
I adore it so much.
It makes me happy, too.

After doing nothing but unpack and organize for two days straight,
I was ready for a break.
Sunday, I decided to do nothing at all with the house.

 This was my church outfit Sunday morning.
I found that safari jacket on clearance for $10.
Talk about happy!

After church, we had lunch with Grandmother
and my niece and nephew.
Best Mexican restaurant in town.

The boys played hard all afternoon with their little cousin.

They wore him smooth out.

Grandmother took the boys for a walk through the woods.
After living in the desert for the past four plus years,
they were fascinated.
I can't wait until Spring when everything will be green and lush.

Today I have spent more time decorating.

After I dealt with the inevitable disaster that seems to
always come with moving into a new house.
The washing machine exploded all over my new laundry room.
There was water about an inch deep all over the floor.

It is all better now.
And I don't have to mop for a while.

Tomorrow...more organizing.
Anyone want to come help?
I pay in cookies.

1 comment:

  1. In time you will have everything unpacked and set up the way you want it to. It is always overwhelming when the movers keep moving boxes in and you are wondering what to do with it all, but bit by bit it does come together.

    Looks like fun woods for the kids to explore in!