Monday, February 13, 2012

Family Sunday

A few weeks ago, Jerry and I decided to make Sunday family day.
No electronics, no computer, just family time together.
Sometimes we play board games, sometimes we head out to a park, whatever sounds good for the day.

This weekend, we took the kids to Bobo's after church. It's kind of like Chuck E Cheese with outdoor activities and laser tag.
That's what we went for, to play laser tag. We were going to go play paintball this weekend, but the boys weren't old enough for it, so we picked laser tag instead.

It was hard to get good pictures inside the arena, since it was so dark and standing still long enough to take one inevitably gets you shot.
But I did manage to get a couple.

Jerry and I were on the same team for the first round. We totally slaughered the kids! Well, I guess Jerry did, since I kept getting shot. But, I claim victory, since we are married. And marriage makes us one.

All the kids wanted to be on our team for he second round, so we teamed up as a family and beat another family who joined in with us.

That's right, the Lantz family rocks!

And just do you know, I got the highest score. For the second game, that is. You know, when I finally put the camera down and started playing properly.
They didn't stand a chance!

After laser tag, we let the kids play in the arcade for a while to see how many tickets they could rack up.

They got 405 all together and wanted to get a big prize. The boys decided on a Nerf bow and arrow and Trina got punch balloons for all three of them. I was surprised she got something for the boys with her share. Sometimes, she can be nice and generous to her brothers.

After blowing up the balloons for them, we had a balloon war with the kids.

Jerry claims to have won, but I know better!

After Bobo's, we went to Toys R Us to see what we could find.
The kids were super excited, because I never take them to Toys R Us. You know, cause I have a self preservation instinct. That and I don't want to have to kill them after the 5 millionth time of hearing "Mom, can I have this?"

You know the saying, "Like a kid in a candy store?"
Well, it's wrong. It really ought to be, "A kid in a toy store"
Their eyes were huge and they couldn't decide where to go. It was very funny.

And Jerry is the biggest kid of them all.

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