Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Festivities

Christmas time is so fun. I love all the stuff going on.
Shopping, wrapping, decorating.

I also love the activities for the kids.

Trina's Winter Formal was last Friday and she was so excited.

She got all dressed up, makeup and hair done. She was radiant!

 Where is my little girl?

Look at those pretty curls. They were gone by the end of the evening, but so pretty while they were there.

 She kept telling me to stop taking pictures. Hey, that's one of the perks of parenthood, the ability to embarrass your kids. And I take my job seriously.

Then it was Jamie's turn with the festivities.
He had his Christmas program at school this week.
I love the kids programs.  The little kids are so animated with their songs, it is quite amusing.

Jamie is no exception.

He was so glad we came. He kept looking around to make sure we were watching him. It was so cute. Someday, he's going to get big and not want me around, but for now, it's nice to know he loves us and wants us to be impressed.

We certainly are, Jamie.
Most of the time.

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