Friday, October 7, 2011

Balloon Festival

We packed up the family last weekend and headed to Albuquerque for the world famous Balloon Festival. I have always wanted to go. It's been on my bucket list forever, but I have never been close enough to actually go. So, this year, I knew I would be going. With or without Jerry. (Being married to the military is quite unpredictable) But, hooray! The army freed him for the weekend!
We headed out after Jerry got off work Friday night cause the launch of the balloons is at dawn and there was NO WAY we were getting up that early to make the 4 hour drive. When we got to the hotel, we went straight to bed, knowing it was going to be a early and long day coming.
Up at 5am to head to the field. The traffic was insane! I expected the parking to be crazy, but the line to exit the highway was miles long! So, we found a gas station overlooking the field and settled in with hundreds of other to watch the show.

I told the kids to hurry, I wanted a picture with the balloons launching.

But I needn't have worried! Once they started launching...

It seemed like it would never stop...

 It continued until the sky was filled with beautiful, colorful balloons!

Then we started picking favorites.

 See that blue and silver one in the middle? That was Josh's pick.

Trina, of course, picked the butterfly!

 Jamie couldn't choose. There were just too many, but he finally decided it was between the flying bees and this pretty blue one.

These were my favorite.

No, wait! It was these. (See the elephant? Isn't it cute?)

Alright, definitely these.

Ok, fine, I couldn't choose either. They were all so pretty!
But, Jerry's favorite was the black one here. It is a POW MIA balloon, you just can't see that in this picture.

It was an early, cold morning

 But, I wouldn't have missed it for anything!

Even if I couldn't pick a favorite balloon, I can pick a favorite picture from the day. It was this one for sure!

I'm going to have this one blown up and framed for the wall. I absolutely LOVE it!

Even though I have to give Jerry credit for taking it. Good job, honey!

Bucket down, many to go

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