Saturday, October 8, 2011

After the Balloons

After the family watched the balloons fill the sky Saturday morning, and the show was ending, we decided to chase some and see if we could find one landing.

And we did!

I pulled the van right up under this one and Jerry got the shot. Pretty cool, huh?

The boys were thrilled to be so close. 

 This one had just landed and reloaded passengers and launched again. We really wanted to ride in a balloon, but it was $350 per person! So we skipped that part and just enjoyed the show.

 The bee balloon was landing as we passed by and it looked so sad as it drooped. It looked like it just gave up on life.

This one was one of my favorites, so I was excited when we saw it coming down.

This one wasn't launching again, so we got to watch as the crew took it down.

When they were done, the rolled it up and put it in a very small trailer. Jerry and I saw the trailer before the balloon was down and debated whether it would fit inside. I said yes, Jerry said no. I was right! 

 We did other stuff over the weekend, too. I'll post about those adventures later!

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