Thursday, May 8, 2014

8 Things

Today is the 8th of May.
(What?? May, already?)

So, in honor, 8 things I love right now.

The golden hour.
Perfect for taking pictures.

Photography assignments where you find colorful floppy disks that take you back to middle school.

Beautiful light and textures.

Little League baseball.
This team has been so good for my boy.

Springtime blooms.
There are colorful flowers all over my yard right now.

These two who do keep my life interesting.

They get it from their father.


  1. How cute your hubby on a carousel! That looked like a fun time! I like the concept of 8 things for May 8th and all great pictures. It is neat when the right sport and team is good a person!


  2. Excellent shots! I love the golden hour too. It reminds me of my father. It was always his favorite time of day. :)