Sunday, July 29, 2012

SHS 7/29

New hunt this week. I had some fun with several of these.


This was the pink I first picked out for my closet.
Yes, it's Pepto Bismol pink. Yes, I did change it. It is much less shocking now.


Basil. How in the world did I live before I had fresh basil?



How is it possible for a boy to have such wonderful lashes??


I love the whimsy of my map push pins.


 I love big white fluffy clouds in a beautiful blue sky, don't you?

Next week's assignment:
  1. Going Back in Time
  2. Something Just for Me
  3. Best Part of My Day
  4. Night & Day
  5. Look Up

Link up over at Rambling and Photos to join the hunt.


  1. Thank you for your husbands service. And yes... I love big puffy clouds! Your lash shot is so sweet

  2. A very fun and colorful set!! Only boys get the long lashes!!!

  3. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Why didn't I think of snapping my Basil,oh well!
    Babies lashes arent they just the best!
    Thanks for coming over to my blog!

  5. I have been unable to grow basil this year. I have no idea grew just fine last year...but this year I've managed to kill it three times. :(

    Great shots! What color is your closet now?

    1. Hi, Amy! I repainted the closet a a soft camel color. I decided pink was too much in that big a space. So, the pink will be an accent color, but probably not that pink still. :)

  6. The basil looks delicious! The push pins are a lot of fun. Great cloud capture.

  7. Such a sweet shot - love your soft processing.