Saturday, September 6, 2014

Boys Room Finished

Well, finished is a relative term.

When we moved into the house my mom gave me after Jerry got out
of the Army, I knew it would take a lot to get it to my dream house.

Josh and James have moved around in the house while we worked on
one project after another.

First, they stayed in the master bedroom until we turned that into
the living room/entryway.

Then, they moved into the tiny dining room with barely
enough space for two beds.

I knew it was time to get busy building their room.

I always intended to convert the front porch to their room.

It was big and I knew it wouldn't take much since the
basic structure was already there.

So, two months ago, we finally got started.

The first step was to take off the green porch roofing.
I hated that stuff.
So glad to see it go.

Next, we had to put on a new roof, build more studs for the walls,
lay down the new floor, and put up the walls inside and out.
I was too busy working and sweating to get pictures.

Once, the walls were up, we got the windows in
and built the new closet.
It was almost ready for paint.

Yes, there's an outside door in the boys room.
No, they won't be allowed to go in and out of it.
It will be locked.
But this will either be my office or a living room
after the boys move out, so I wanted a door.
It will open onto the wrap around porch eventually.

I let the boys choose the colors.
Josh chose the walls.
James chose the trim.
I have to admit, I was nervous about the blue walls,
but I think it turned out very well.
Definitely a boys room.

Here is the finished product.
It is so nice and shiny and clean.
We'll see how long that lasts.

There will be shelves in the closet and a clothes rod.
But, I was too impatient to wait for those before I took pictures.
The boys are 10 and 12.
By the time those get installed, the room will probably be a disaster.
And I wanted to show you the pretty new room.


  1. Very nice job on the room! I like it! I also like that both have stuffed animals still on their beds :)


  2. Wow! That's amazing! Well done!
    I bet the boys are so excited!