Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Good Week

I am focusing on the positive aspects of my life right now.

I have been blessed in so many ways.
I choose to acknowledge them.

Last week was one of those blessings..
My mother in law won tickets to a Rangers game.
Her first thought was of me.
She knows how much I adore baseball and how much I love my Rangers
So, we gathered up the girls for a good time.
I am trying to teach my daughter to love baseball as much as I do.
I am not sure it's working.
She's 16 and doesn't know much about the game at all.
She's learning and we had a great time together.

Over the weekend, we had a family reunion.
Our family hasn't been able to go to many of them over the years
due to us being in the Army.
We had stopped having them for the past few years,
but it was time to start up again.
My mom and I worked hard to get it up and going again.
I am so glad we did.
A wonderful time was had by all.

Lots of prayer, baseball, laughter, and shenanigans.

It's been crazy busy with the kids starting back to school,
construction still going on in the house,
and all of us going separate ways a lot.

It's always nice to stop, have some tea, and enjoy life.
That's what I plan on doing.

That, and enjoy sunsets.

It's the little things.
I am trying to remember that.


  1. How neat with the family reunion! Glad you guys started them up again! May it be a tradition that continues for a very long time! I think it would be fun to go to a major league baseball game; looked like good bonding with your daughter! We do have to remember the simple things of life indeed.


  2. What a nice mother in law to think of you right away. So sweet!
    And yes, I agree. It's the little things. :)