Sunday, April 7, 2013

SHS 4/7

I swear, I don't think things are ever going to
be normal again.

There are always projects and house renovations going on.

I am happy to have my Scavenger Hunt every week.
It keeps me grounded.


 It is so beautiful outside these days.
I want to stay out all day, everyday.


 He's my youngest.
He likes to talk, and play, and cut up all the time.
I kinda like him.


 Is there anything better than a hammock in the sun?

In The Kitchen

 See? Yet another project.
We are taking out the old bar and adding a new, better one.
It does make quite a mess in my kitchen.


 I love when the trees start putting on their leaves for the year.
Everything is new and green and fresh.

Sunny Simple Life

Weekly Top Shot #77


  1. Love the hammock shot! Hope the kitchen renovation goes well!

  2. I could never get into a hammock and stay. He looks very comfy. Good luck on your remodeling.

  3. Love your outside shot - looks so peaceful!
    Sweet comfort shot - that the life. :)

  4. Love your outside shot! Looks like you are having fun in your kitchen. Good luck with your renovations!

  5. Great set. My favorite's Outside, Tree and the adorable Comfort shot in the Hammock. Chatterbox looks like he'd be a lot of fun.

  6. All that greenery is just lovely. So beautiful. I wish spring (or summer) would arrive here.