Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

What an eventful Easter this year.
Jerry and Trina went to the church early for choir practice.
The boys and I were to follow.

The boys and I were late to church because of a massive thunderstorm.
It rained and hailed and boomed for more than 30 minutes.
There was no way I was going out in it.
So, we were late to Sunday School.

After we made it, the service was beautiful.
Packed, but beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful,
my beautiful daughter was in the choir this year.
I love that she is getting involved.

After church, we headed home to get the eggs ready for the hunt.
This is the kids favorite part, I think.

Finally, it was time to hunt.

My dad is just an overgrown kid.
He likes hunting, too.
I think it had to do with the money egg that was hidden.

Then it was time for pictures.

 My handsome men.

Yes, she is taller than me.
She reminds me of that everyday.

It was going well until it was just the boys turn.
I told them they had to be normal for one picture.

 See how cute they are.

Then, this.


I hope your Easter was as great as ours.
Thunderstorms, silliness, and all.

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  1. That sounds (and looks) like a wonderful Easter! And better an Easter thunderstorm than an Easter snow storm! ;)