Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I love Halloween. Everything about it is fun. The parties, the costumes, jack-o-lanterns.

The candy.

Yep, I raid my kids candy stash every year. That's a perk of being mom.

Hey, I get their costumes, make them up, and take them trick or treating. Every year.

So, I get first dibs. They know the drill. They bring the buckets in, pour it out, I check it to make sure no murderers or druggies have tampered with it. And I pick out my favorites.

Don't judge.

Friday night we went to a costume party with friends from church.

20's gangster and Little Red Riding Hood. Goes together perfectly.

Jerry got attacked by the kids. He loved it.


Trina won the donut eating contest. I think she had a slight advantage.

Josh gave her a run for her money, though.

 Pumpkin carving time. This is the kids favorite part, I think.

Josh named him Bob. I see the resemblance. 

The it was time for Trick or Treating. We went to Commander's Row, where apparently the entire post trick or treats. It was crazy busy, but so much fun. Personally, I wouldn't want to be them on Halloween. They must spend a fortune on candy to hand out. But, I suppose they can afford it. They seemed to enjoy it, anyway.

Two ninjas and a 50's girl. Josh lost his ninja mask, so he was only half a ninja. He didn't care.

 Wait, Superman doesn't wear glasses. Clark Kent does. Now, the world knows his secret.

My favorite costume of the night. Captain Picard. I love a man who embraces his baldness. (sorry about the blurry image, I was trying to keep the kids from leaving me behind)

Remember, send out your Thankfulness notes today. I'll be back tomorrow to share my first one with you.

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