Friday, September 2, 2011

1st Day

I sent the kiddos off to school last week. They were so excited!

And nervous. At least Trina was. She was more than ready to be back in public school.
After fighting her all last year during homeschooling, all she wanted was to be in a "traditional" classroom.

And I am left to wonder, "Am I doing the right thing?"

Am I making the right decisions for them?

Last year, I knew it was right to home-school Trina all year and the Josh for the last half. Even through the arguments and fights with Trina, I knew it was the right decision. And when we got to Ft Bliss, I knew that I needed to bring Josh home as well. Josh thrived. He loved it! The attention, the one-on-one time to do his work, being done quickly.

So, when I applied to Harmony School, I wasn't sure if they would get in, so I didn't need to think about it. I knew I didn't want them going to the public schools here. I was all set to home-school both Josh and Trina.
I had signed them up for classes at church, bought all the books they were going to use, was ready to make their schedules.

Then, I got the call letting me know that all three of the kids had been accepted into Harmony. And I jumped at it! I was so ready to have them all in school all day. I was ready for some alone time. So, we bought all the supplies and uniforms and sent them off to the school.

Then, I got home and wondered if I had made the right decision. Should I have home-schooled them this year? What were they going to be learning? What if Trina continues to get teased and picked on? Will Josh adjust to the new school well? Can I handle the phone calls from the school again because Josh might cause disturbances in the classroom? Will Jamie's teachers help him with reading this year or will they leave him behind again?

All these things ran through my mind as I was at home in the very quiet house. But they came home excited and full of stories of their fist day. They were ready for this. They wanted this. So, off they went all week.

After two weeks of school, I am pretty sure I have made the right decision. The teachers are working with me, the kids are doing well, and I am enjoying some alone time.
If I need to, I will be homeschooling again. One of the kids or all three. But for now, I will trust that this is right for our family.

And savor the silence.  :)
At least for 8 hours of the day.
After that, the chaos resumes.
I wouldn't have it any other way.

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