Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I am so thankful to live in a place where we are free to speak what we want, eat what we please, and worship God without fear of persecution.

This 4th, we celebrated quietly and peacefully with just our family. Some day, we will have a big blowout with friends and BBQ's and tons of fireworks. But for now we are content to get a few small fireworks for the kids to pop and watch the big show put on by professionals.

This year, I got a new camera and took some very cool pictures of the fireworks. I am very impressed!

The kids had a good time after it finally started. I tried to get them to look at the camera, but they were too busy watching the fireworks. And I was too lazy to get off the hood of the van to go around them.
So that's what I got.  Next year, I'll do better. Maybe.

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